UMOM Blitz Build, Phoenix, AZ

14 DPR employees representing 7 peer groups, plus family members and UMOM-affiliated volunteers worked a total of 140 hours to give a face lift to the multi-family shelter.

Former SPW workers volunteered for this event and used their skills to help form and pour new concrete curbs. These curbs where a much needed improvement to help prevent flooding of upwards of 25 rooms. By preventing these rooms from being flooded, we are helping to keep these families in a stable environment, saving UMOM funds by preforming the task with skilled labor, not spending money repairs vs programs and providing an overall better aesthetically pleasing feel of the facility.

A few metrics from the day:

  • 15 bags of concrete mixed and poured
  • 10+ gallons of paint applied
  • 3 Ramadas painted 
  • 24 Divider panels and supports painted  


  • Teaching the youth volunteers about how to paint properly as well as how to place and finish concrete. 


  • By having DPR and other volunteers help with labor and pay for material, we are giving the charity a twice the positive impact. 
  • The concrete curbs could potentially save tens of thousands of dollars. Heavy rains in the past have caused heavy flooding to mechanical rooms and resident’s rooms. Repairs to the elevator in the past have cost upwards of $80,000. 

Pride in ownership

  • Residents take pride in knowing they helped, even in a small way, to help maintain and improve the UMOM facility.