Baja Challenge, September 31 (AKA October 1), 2016

DPR volunteers went south of the border to construct a home for a deserving family. The 320-sq.-ft. home has a 160-sq.-ft. loft and will be the new abode for a family of six. DPR led a team of more than 20 volunteers made up of craft and admin employees, their families and community members.

  • Construction completed in approx. 7.5 hours.
  • 160sf of carpet tiles donated by Resource Flooring for the loft.
  • 2 twin mattresses donated by My Budget Furniture. The children had never had a mattress before.
  • Drapes, toys, and kitchen accessories donated by DPR Campus Point Project.
  • Construction completed in approx. 7.5 hours.
  • Volunteer quotes included “eye-opening experience” and “reality check”
  • 1 very humble, grateful, and excited family of 6.
  • A majority of our volunteers left the shoes back for the family