Date: September 18

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Time: Wednesday, 9/16 - Friday 9/18, 8:00 am-4:00 pm
Location: Round Rock, Texas
What: This three-day renovation project transformed the home of a disabled Army veteran from a down-at-the-ears abode to a safe and spruced-up residence the veteran and his family can relax in for many years to come.

With lots of help from DPR’s self-perform work group, OES, Texas Lawn Services and others, a dedicated Austin-office superintendent and project manager oversaw a busy three days that included:

  • Replacement of all exterior siding and paint
  • Installation of new toilets, plumbing fixtures and flooring in bathrooms
  • New plumbing fixtures and vent in kitchen
  • New air conditioning system
  • Replacement of ceiling fans and lighting fixtures, and electrical repairs
  • Two stories of interior painting
  • Tree trimming from professional arborist
  • Four palettes of sod to bring yard in line to neighborhood requirements
  • New plants in front and back yard